Worship Leader / Group Mentorship

Angel Army works with students to build up their leadership skills both as solo worship leaders and as a group. We teach them how to function as a cohesive group, work on song structures, vocal harmonies, musical parts, choosing the proper key for songs to fit the vocalists range etc. We also mentor students as we go working them into a leadership role where they eventually do the majority of organization for special events. They choose songs for the set list, pick the keys that they are played in, organize who plays what parts, schedule all practices and give initial feedback to other members on how to make things sound better. The goal is always to help our students be comfortable when performing, know why they are doing what they do, and to build them up as leaders with skills that they can utilize in everyday life situations.

Weekly Small Group for Teens and Young Adults

Every Tuesday night, Angel Army hosts a small group Bible Study for Teens and Young Adults.  We spend time each week building up friendships, catching up on all the good and bad that is going on in everyone’s lives and do a little Bible study together.  Studies typically focus on a specific topic for 4-6 weeks.  We will watch a short 15-20 minute video together and then have conversation afterward about things that stuck out and relate the teaching to our everyday lives.  Building up community is key here! 

Special Events / Concerts / Worship Nights

We always work to give our students and young adults opportunities to grow and shine that they might not get with your typical Worship Team. With this in mind, we organize multiple events each year where we bring in a touring artist, band or spoken word artist and set up a mini tour where Angel Army students open up the event by playing a few songs. With this program, they get the opportunity to get a small taste of what it is like to tour multiple venues and do back to back shows. They get to learn from each artist that they work with and bless the community at the same time. This has proven to be a great avenue of growth for our students and we are constantly looking for new venues to partner with who would be interested in hosting these free shows.

Public School Music Outreach

In late 2019, we started our Public School Music Outreach Program. The focus is to help get instruments in the hands of students who want to learn how to play music in school, but maybe can’t afford the typical costs to purchase or rent the instruments needed. Our donations not only go toward helping the school to purchase new instruments and equipment, but also goes toward much needed instrument repairs. To date, we have been able to donate $7000 spread out across multiple school programs!

Public School Meal Outreach

In late 2019, we started our Public School Meal Outreach Program. This program focuses on paying down the student meal debts accrued throughout CUSD. While working hand in hand with CUSD Nutrition, we found that this debt will follow students from school to school, level to level. If a student moves up from Elementary School to Junior High, the debt doesn’t magically disappear. We know the importance of nutrition and don’t want any student to have to wonder where their next meal will come from. Once a student’s debt is paid off, the district notifies them and gives them the information needed if they need to get signed up for assistance moving forward. It is an honor for us to be able to play a small part in giving students and their families a fresh start! To date, we have been able to donate $10,000 to CUSD Nutrition paying off roughly 30% of the total deficit for all of CUSD!! We look forward to expanding this program beyond CUSD as we grow!