Formed in 2014, Angel Army is a student worship band and 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry based in Chandler, Arizona with members ranging from 7th grade through high school.

Upon formation, Angel Army spent almost four years leading worship every Sunday at their home church in Chandler, AZ.  As they have grown, they now work with students from several different churches throughout the Phoenix Metro area.  As they started to spread their wings, Angel Army then spent 2 1/2 years leading worship every Tuesday night at The Bridge for a program called The Landing, which was designed to help students through their hurts, habits, and hang-ups, but then COVID-19 showed up and put a wrench in things.  

Currently, Angel Army has put their focus on hosting and leading special events, providing opportunities for growth for our students that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.  We are also excited to say that through it all, we have still been growing behind the scenes and we were able to start up an outreach program partnering with the public schools in our area.  With this outreach, our focus is on music (getting instruments into the hands of students who want to learn, but maybe can’t afford the typical rental costs) and meals (working to give families a fresh start by paying off the student lunch deficit).  

As things start to open up again, we are on the lookout to partner with churches and organizations in the surrounding area for a variety of special events and Worship Nights.  Please feel free to reach out to us if you would like to set up a powerful night of student-lead worship!



Angel Army Ministries works with students and young adults ranging between ages 12 – 25 to build up the students’ musical skills, on-stage presence, leadership skills, and public speaking skills. As we build them up in their talents, we also work to build a sense of community where they know that there are always people that are in their corner who believe in them and that are always there for them.  Simply helping them to know that they are not alone in life can have a very positive effect on their mental health and overall happiness.  They are taught that they can make a positive difference in this world, even while they are still young! 1 Timothy 4:12