Angel Army Update - Summer 2018

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Hello Everyone!!  It has been a few months since we have sent out an here is the latest!!

Back at the end of February, Jason and Cassi were blessed with the opportunity to share the stage with our good friend, Jason David Sluyter. They got to play one of Jason’s original songs, called Only You after he shared his story of battling tongue cancer, his rehab and his faith with the student ministries at Cornerstone. This was such a cool moment and they both ROCKED it!

In March, a few of us went to the City Rockfest Tour, featuring Disciple, Seventh Day Slumber, Spoken, Wolves at the Gate and The Protest. We got to meet and take pictures with all of the bands (Jason even got to spend time with Disciple on their tour bus for a special VIP experience) and the shocker of the night was when The Protest gave a shout out on stage to Angel Army!! Jason happened to be in the front row at the time, jumped on stage and showed off his Angel Army shirt! So cool!

The Protest

Disciple on stage

Jason, Dylan, Mikey, and Jaxon with Blaise from Seventh Day Slumber

The next few months have been quite eventful...starting with our involvement in a new program being rolled out at Compass Church, called The Landing. The Landing is a program designed to help teenagers through their hurts, habits and hang-ups. Angel Army is owning the worship each week and Gina and Joe are involved as leaders in the program as well. It is an awesome partnership so far and we pray that the program makes a positive difference in the lives of many teens! There is obviously a great need for stability and love for teens out there!

If you know anyone who could really benefit from building strong, trusting relationships through The Landing, or if you would like information on getting involved as a leader, please feel free to hit up Joe or Gina!  They would be happy to point to you in the right direction and answer any questions you might have!!

A really cool blessing that has come out of our involvement with The Landing has been working with our good friend, Jorge Hernandez. Jorge has not only stepped in as a leader for The Landing, but he is also stepping in and working with Joe and the students of Angel Army as a mentor!! Jorge brings a wealth of music and worship experience to the table and has been great to work with!

Jorge Hernandez

At the beginning of June, we finally received our official letter from the IRS stating that Angel Army Ministries has been fully approved and processed as a 501c3 Non-profit organization!! The effective date goes back to September 19th, but we have been waiting all this time to receive the official message!! Months of wondering if we did everything right!! Haha!! Thank you so much to all of those who have prayed with us and for us along the way!!

June 16th, Angel Army was proud to partner with New Hope Community Church to lead worship for a special Father’s Day Appreciation Event that they held. Everyone loved it and the church expressed excitement in having the group back to lead worship for their whole congregation!

​Shortly after that, we were off...back to Nashville, TN for our 3rd year as a group at Camp Electric!! This year, we flew out 3 days early to spend a little time seeing the city. We had fun playing miniature golf and racing go-karts and really enjoyed taking a trolley tour together and learning about the city’s history!

Camp Electric was AMAZING as usual! Our students got to spend time working directly with some of today’s top Christian artists, vocal coaches, Performance coaches (like Tom Jackson), learned about branding and building your fan base...and so much more! They got to meet artists like Toby Mac, Andy Mineo, KJ-52, Gawvy, The New Respects, Brian Reith, Aaron Cole, Jasmine Murray and so many more! Beyond that, words can truly not express what it feels like to walk around that beautiful campus all week, with 650-700 students, where during every free moment, they just worship together...EVERYWHERE! So peaceful, inspiring and uplifting!

We made it!

Started hanging out with our friends Nick and Nate from last year as soon as they showed up!

Worship Together did an amazing job of leading worship for us all week!

Toby Mac!!!

Angel Army was EVERYWHERE!!!

My group this year...the dudes from room 206!!!

Praying with a bunch of students before we all headed home...the circle is growing!

We were reunited with some amazing friends from last year and some great new friendships were made!! On top of that, some really cool connections and partnerships were also made...

  • The family of one of our students from last year said that if we come out again and have any extra time scheduled (like we did this year) that we are welcome to stay at their house...ALL OF US!!!  What a huge blessing!!

  • In talking to the father of this family (who is also the worship leader and works with student ministries at their church), Joe mentioned that if we do it again, it would be great to make sure that one of our free days is on a Sunday so we can all check out their church...his response? “That would be great! And we could set it up for your students to lead worship that week!” :O Angel Army leading worship in Nashville, TN?!?!? Sign us up NOW!!

  • Joe Talked to Michael (the guy who organizes and runs the camp) about a partnership between Camp Electric and Angel Army...we are excited to say that Camp Electric is creating a special discount code specifically for the students who sign up through Angel Army!! Such an exciting moment! We really look forward to what the future holds with this new partnership!!

  • While out there, we became friends with a touring artist...we can’t give too much in details on this yet, but she is an amazing spoken word artist (world ranked!). She has performed with artists like Toby Mac, Andy Mineo and Sanctus Real (among many others), has her own recording studio with 4 engineers under her, was even nominated for a Grammy...and she is only 19!! Watch for some cool announcements around all of this to come soon!!!

With all of this said...we are already looking forward to Camp Electric 2019!! We have several new students who are ready and waiting to get signed up (we are just waiting until our special discount code is created). If you feel moved to do so, would you consider making a tax deductible donation to Angel Army Ministries? 100% of all funds raised goes toward helping students get to Camp Electric, where they have the chance to grow in their talents AND their faith!! Where they get to spend time in an all-inclusive, uplifting environment with students from all around the nation/world!! If you would like to make a donation, you can do it at this link...

If you are unable to make a donation, would you please pray for our ministry, for its growth and that all we do would be pleasing to God and would shine the love of Jesus!

Also, if you would consider helping us spread the word...that would be AMAZING!! Please feel free to share this email with your friends and family!!   You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram for additional updates!

Thank you so much for your love and support!! We truly love and appreciate you all!!


“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."Matthew 11:28

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