Angel Army Update - Winter 2020

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Hello out there!!

I know, I know…it goes without saying…this has been one CRAZY YEAR!! A year full of confusion, hurt, loss, fear and uncertainty…BUT…we have a choice to make!! We can get caught up in all the negative OR we can CHOOSE to look around and find the beauty that remains around us! There is no getting back the moments that we have lost, but we can take time to share a smile and some good news!!

With that said, here is a little update with all that has been going on with Angel Army in 2020…

In February, we were able to take a few Angel Army students to Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour…While we were there, we were able to set it up for all of them to go on stage and dance for Toby’s finale!! They all had a great time!!

Right around that same time, several students were consistently rehearsing for the Almost Home Tour with Egypt Speaks and Kassie Bailey (a singer songwriter from Louisville, Kentucky that we know from Camp Electric), but then…COVID-19 changed EVERYTHING!!

With everything seemingly in a tailspin and all of the special events that we put together in the community being on hold, we have still made a very conscious effort to find time and ways to continue doing life with our students. For instance…we have gone on several hiking trips together…

Set up multiple camping trips together…

And just recently brewed up some hot chocolate, and took some students to go see some Christmas lights…

We also host a Bible Study for students every Tuesday night and recently hosted a special night of music and stories with Matt Baird of the band Spoken. A couple Angel Army students recently joined a local band called Reckless Youth and Matt was happy to have them open up the night playing 4 of their original songs! Matt also had Jason play cajon for him on a couple songs during his set! Another little bonus, Matt’s guitarist, JR Bareis (who, in addition to playing for Spoken, also plays in another band called Love and Death with Brian “Head” Welch of Korn) showed up as well! He played a song with Matt at the end of the night and then played some music in the jam room with Jason! It was a fantastic experience for sure!!

Through it all, we were able to continue with our outreach program where we are partnering with public schools in the area where our focus is on meals and music. Our donations to music programs help get instruments in the hands of students who want to learn to play, but can’t afford the typical rental costs. We have also been working to pay off the outstanding meal debts that students have accrued with the local schools. Since starting this outreach program last year, we have been able to bless 4 different music programs with sizable donations and we have completely eliminated the student meal debt for 6 schools covering the cost of over 2200 meals so far!!! Here are a couple examples of our most recent donations…

November 6th – Donated 3 full sets of Boom Sticks to the music program at Sanborn Elementary School so they can start up their new club!

December 3rd – Gave a check to Chandler Unified School District (CUSD) for $3000 to help with more student meal debts. The district contacts the families, lets them know that they had this debt, but that it has been paid in full. CUSD then provides information to the students' family to get assistance so they will never have to worry about any future debt going forward!! 😊

December 4th – Made a donation of $1000 to the music program at Hartford Sylvia Encinas Elementary. These funds are going directly toward the purchase of 8-10 new house instruments that they will be able to give the students on loan if they can’t afford to rent their own instruments!

Through all of the craziness of life right now, we are still working hard to make a difference in the lives of students and throughout our community!! There are meetings coming up, great things in the works and more blessings that will be given to the schools soon!! If you are considering making a charitable donation…would you consider partnering with us to make a difference in the lives of students, our community and beyond? If so, you can make a secure donation through PayPal by clicking on this link…

We have also partnered with Benevity which is a national organization that partners with large corporations to ‘match’ employees donations through their platform. If you work at Intel (or any company that works with Benevity), we are registered as a Non-Profit in the Benevity system and your donations will be matched dollar for dollar!! Your blessings can go twice as far when you make a donation through the Benevity Network at your work! It is because of this program that we have been able to pour over $10,000 back into our community through our Public School Outreach since getting registered in the system just over a year ago…and we are just getting started!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! We pray that the year ahead is full of blessings and smiles for you all!!

Angel Army Ministries

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