Angel Army Update - Spring 2021

This year started off with a bang when we were blessed with the opportunity to host a backyard concert for Extreme Faith Productions with performances by Scott Macintyre and Jonny Diaz!! Several Angel Army students and their friends got to meet Scott and Jonny, had some special QandA time with them and got pictures taken. 2 of our students were also able to open up both shows by playing a couple worship songs for the crowd and one of them was even able to play a song live with Jonny Diaz! Overall, the event was a great success!!

Even through the pains of this whole Covid-19 experience, thanks to the very generous donations from people supporting our ministry, we have been able to continue pushing forward with our outreach programs partnering with CUSD Public Schools. In February, we were able to present another check to CUSD Nutrition for $4000! This now brings our total to $10,000 donated toward paying off the student meal debt!! It is because of your generosity that we have been able to pay down 30% of the TOTAL meal deficit for CUSD giving students and their families a fresh start!! We have also been able to donate several thousand dollars spread across multiple schools in the district to bless their music programs!! This money has helped to provide much needed instrument repairs and has helped programs to be able to purchase new instruments for the students to use!!

Later in February and in March, we took some Angel Army students to attend a couple special concerts hosted by Extreme Faith Productions. One of them, they got to enjoy some coffee and chat time with Jason Roy from Building 429 and Dan Bremnes, and the second was a private VIP concert experience with Colton Dixon and David Dunn. Amazing time for them to be able to attend shows like this and have some special time to interact with the artists and learn more about their journey and faith!

We continue to host a weekly small group for High School students on Tuesday nights...all are welcome to join us!! Angel Army has also recently started branching out and supporting students and young adults in their musical endeavors even more by helping them to record their work in the studio and helping them to get their music released on all platforms (iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify etc.)...more on this with our next update!! Right now, it’s time for us to start preparing our set to lead worship at Revelation Church while we are in Nashville for Camp Electric!! 😊

As always, thank you so much for your love, prayers and support!

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