Hey Everyone! Spring is here and another couple exciting months have passed for Angel Army! Here is a little recap on things that have happened since the beginning of the year...

In January, we built a partnership with Spot127 in Tempe. Spot127 is KJZZ’s youth media center, where they offer after school programs and summer camps dedicated to mentoring students with hands on training in digital photography, video and audio production and social media. It is a great program where they get to learn and pick up on skills that they can use now and in the professional field! They offer multiple levels of classes, which can also turn in to paid internship positions if the student is interested in taking the next steps.

Angel Army continues to lead worship every Tuesday evening for The Landing at The Bridge. The students really take pride in owning this. They are dedicated to rehearsals and growth and the song list continues to expand with time. They have performed over 35 different songs since the start of the program!

In February, our good friend and newest Angel Army student mentor, Chris, had a CD release show for his new Christian Rap/Hip Hop EP. Jason was invited to play live drums with one of his songs for the show and he also played drums while a few of the artists did some freestyle rapping! Chris is a great friend and is on fire for Jesus...we are really looking forward to working with him more as he definitely brings some different tools to the table to help with the students growth!

At the end of February, we had a long overdue board meeting where we voted in and welcomed a 5th board member, William Gates. William brings a ton of financial experience and background to the table and is fully invested in the growth of the students. He has already helped us to start organizing our financials and has taken on and followed through with several projects designed to help Angel Army as we continue to grow (like contacting the Chandler Chamber of Commerce and updating our paperwork with the state of Arizona).

We talked about some hot topics and plans for future growth during the meeting. One significant change that we all agreed to, was that as we grow, our main focus will always be to help students with funding to get to Camp Electric where they get to grow musically and spiritually as they learn from and work directly with some of today’s top Christian artists. But if there is money available that exceeds our needs for camp funding, as a form of outreach and community involvement, we are going to start partnering with local schools to provide instrument rental scholarships for students who have a desire to learn music at school, but are unable to afford the cost of the instrument. Donate Here

In March, we were blessed with another visit from Egypt Ali. Egypt came all the way from Cleveland, Ohio again to spend 3 weeks doing life with the students of Angel Army, sharing her heart and experience with them every step of the way. Her heart for students and discipleship is amazing and we are so grateful for her presence in our lives and ministry! While she was here, the students did some more recording with her, played a few worship nights with her and we even went on a song writing retreat to San Diego together. There were some bumps in the road along the way, but the song writing retreat was a great learning and team building experience! If and when we do it again, things will be much more planned out with dedicated times for devotionals together, writing time, worship time and tons of time set aside for FUN!! We were also able to set aside some time to take Egypt to Sedona for a little site seeing and hiking.

Coming up, we will continue our focus on weekly Worship for The Landing and we now turn our sights on getting prepared for our trip to Nashville for Camp Electric at the beginning of July. This is our 4th year going to Camp together and our biggest year yet! We have 12 students signed up and will be taking 3 chaperones as well. We will be purchasing our plane tickets this week and will start picking songs and rehearsing in preparation for Angel Army to be the guest Worship group at Revolution Church while we are in Tennessee!

As we move forward in to the next few months, your prayers would be greatly appreciated. Please pray for continued growth and opportunity for the students, for the board members and mentors of Angel Army to shine the love of Jesus in everything that we do and for our eyes to always be set on Him when we are making decisions. There are some really cool opportunities at our doorstep right now that will potentially significantly impact our interaction with the community. Meetings are scheduled and we will send out updates in the near future.

We can’t stress enough how grateful we are to those of you who have come alongside of us and helped to get all of our students funded for Camp Electric yet again this year! Thank you so much for your continued love, prayers and financial support! If you are interested in partnering with us as we continue to grow and make a positive impact in the lives students, you can make a tax deductible donation to the ministry by clicking the link below to our website and then clicking on the Donate button.

As always, please feel free to share this information, or our website, address with your friends and family that you think would be interested in seeing all the cool stuff that we are doing!! You never know what kinds of partnerships can be formed or what opportunities will arise when the word is spread near and far!

We love and appreciate you all! Joe

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."

- Matthew 11:28

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